Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Pirates of Coney Island

So, I've been doing comics for a bit now and I've got a few books out-- Teenagers From Mars, Dead West and Filler are the big 3 as well as work in the 24/Seven and Bella and Sebastian anthologies from Image also some Batman for DC. However, the new hotness comes in the form of THE PIRATES OF CONEY ISLAND!!! Pirates is a monthly miniseries I'm doing at Image comics with the amazing artist Vasilis Lolos. Check out Vasilis' own blog here:

Here is the cover by Vasilis for Pirates #2 (and there is an alternative cover by Beck Cloonan) on sale now!!

Is this thing on??

Ah, Christ-- The Internet-- Here we go!

Welcome to my brand spanking new BLOG. I'll be blubbering here about comics and movies and general whatever. I'll also be giving the skinny on my up coming projects and sneaking out some previews and the like. I'll also be cursing up a storm and acting filthy so the weak should run now before they are killed and eaten.