Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Pirates of Coney Island

So, I've been doing comics for a bit now and I've got a few books out-- Teenagers From Mars, Dead West and Filler are the big 3 as well as work in the 24/Seven and Bella and Sebastian anthologies from Image also some Batman for DC. However, the new hotness comes in the form of THE PIRATES OF CONEY ISLAND!!! Pirates is a monthly miniseries I'm doing at Image comics with the amazing artist Vasilis Lolos. Check out Vasilis' own blog here:

Here is the cover by Vasilis for Pirates #2 (and there is an alternative cover by Beck Cloonan) on sale now!!


v said...

AAhh.. i see you share my non-existant HTML talents too eh? Haha, how DO you get that link coment/link thing going? I gues ill just copy the code fro the blog publish page and see if it works.

Abaddon said...

Nice work man.