Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SDCC Photos

Well, we survived SDCC 2007 and made it home to Brooklyn exhausted but intact. I wanted to get some of these photos up before tackling the mountain of email waiting for me. I seriously need to get with the future and get a damn Blackberry.

It was apparently another record setting year for the show but it all still seemed to run amazingly smooth-- especially if you had one of the coveted orange “Exhibitor” badges and associated privileges.

This was our first year sitting in the Image Comics area and we saw an increase in foot traffic and sales as compared with the small press area in years past.

Oni Press debuted Black Metal by me and artist Chuck BB at the show. It’s my first time working with Oni but those dudes are awesome and they run a great shop. Black Metal will be out Aug 8th so look out for it.

Another satisfied customer!


Britt Schramm said...


Things looked really hopping out there at SDCC. Hopefully, I'll be picking up Black Metal while I'm on travel in a few weeks since the comic book shops in Pensacola are the poo-poo. Hope that they sell better than the crossover du jour. Btw, were there any of the promotional picks left? And before you ask, yes, I have no life.

BTW, I'll try to review Black Metal for Kung-Fu Rodeo.com before the end of the month.

Unknown said...

Hi, love your work, but probs like many others, waitin on the rest of pirates. I am addicted and have been for awhile so must know the end. I have heard that its in the printin but am still jumpy as to when it will come out. Any news would be appreciated????